FIRST SOD: Groundbreaking, also known as turning the first sod.

Jenny Williams is the founder of First Sod Interiors. As a former corporate attorney with a lifelong interest in collecting art, Jenny has developed an exquisite attention to detail, a focus on functionality and a belief that art grounds and enhances every space.

First Sod Interiors is passionate about creating beautiful, sophisticated and innovative spaces that reflect our clients’ personal taste while considering the practical ways in which they live and work.

While we are happy to follow our clients anywhere, our focus is on East Coast living, from New England to Florida. We draw inspiration from this area’s rich pastoral and coastal landscapes and that spirit is reflected in our projects.

We think beauty should be available to all and this mission driven design concept is an important part of our philosophy. First Sod Interiors incorporates community in each project by giving back a percentage of our profits for use in supporting non-profit and public endeavors that enrich and beautify the places our clients call home.